Dec 11, 2023

How To Vet & Attract Your Ideal Match - Part 1

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How To Vet & Attract Your Ideal Match - Part 1

Becca Klein

Date Coach

Whether you’re in a relationship, a serial dater, or just getting out there, I can help you reach your goals.

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How To Vet & Attract Your Ideal Match with Becca Klein - Part 2

Curious if your attachment style can change in different relationships? Is it better to introduce attachment styles early or later in dating? How do you attract the right matches? What is attachment theory? Can your attachment style shift in different relationships?

In Part 2, Becca shares golden insights for attracting the right matches and navigating attachment styles effectively in the dating game. As a Dating Coach, Becca Klein uses a mix of her empathy, strong intuition, and clinical training to ensure clients are able to self-reflect and improve their dating lives.

Curious about Becca's definition of success in her field? Stick around until the end.

Check out the full podcast here!

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